For the past 5 years I had been dreaming of getting back into a house of my own. Through inquiries I ended up with a referral to Dean Birks.
I had been avoiding taking the plunge in actually contacting a Realator as I was unsure of myself and knowledge I had in pursuing and purchasing a home. I took a deep breath and contacted Dean. I have to say it was the best thing I did toward getting my own home back into my life! He took charge by talking with me in debt about what I was looking for in a home as well as preferred locations. He put that all together and set me up on his website link to properties that meet my criteria. It only took a few weeks and I had viewed the property I wanted! Dean explained and walked me through all that needed to be done and BANG, accepted offer.
It didn't end there. Dean kept with me by giving me referrals/options to home inspectors and lawyers. It all went so smoothly that from the time I contacted Dean until my possesion date was less than 2 months! I was thrilled!
Oh, no... It still did not end there. After we were moved and settled in Dean had contacted me by phone to check in to ask if we were doing ok and if we needed anything to feel free to contact him. Awesome job Dean and all those extras you threw in were very appreciated.
I will recommend Dean Birks to everyone I know that is looking to go into the scarey process of purchasing a home. He made it easy!

Thanks again Dean..... GREAT JOB!

Phyllis Thomas